642 things to write about walmart

She agreed and they started dating. Leave cryptic messages on the typewriters. Steal a Walmart shirt. The police were able to make the crime scene inaccessible to the public, but shoppers were allowed to continue their browsing as if nothing had happened.

At the competitor, the hourly workers are union. TP as much of the store as possible. And If a little kid comes over wanting to use it, start barking at them until they run away crying.

Sophia is an aspiring screenwriter currently living in New York City. Evidently the concerned customer had alerted Walmart security, who had then contacted the police.

Unfortunately for one shopper at a Massachusetts store, he bit off more than he could chew when he found 10 human teeth inside a brand-new wallet.

How Walmart Trains Managers

Spend all your money riding on those little rides for toddlers. People who are gay are just like everyone else your know. In Julya year-old girl was at Walmart with her mother when she gave birth to a baby boy in the bathroom. Try on bras over top of your clothes.

Stick your arm in your jacket and suspiciously start to leave the store. Leave Cheerios in Lawn and Gardenpillows in the pet food aisle, etc.

Start playing Calvinball; see how many people you can get to join in. Relax in the patio furniture and open the patio umbrella until you get kicked out.

You kissed ME darling. Share1 Shares 2K In the last few decades, Walmart has built quite a name for itself. Act as spastic as possible. A lot of people decide to go the romantic route and get married where they first met.

See if they play along to avoid embarrassment. If I stayed in for lunch, I would turn my walkie-talkie off, sit in the break room with the associates, and talk with them. Ride those little electronic cars at the front of the store. I can forgive mistakes for mixing up desk with bookshelf, but I can not accept the way that I was treated by Walmart customer service.

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642 Tiny Things to Write About

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Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Aug 20,  · Wayne Brandenburg was a Walmart customer who became interested in a cashier working at the store. Eventually he asked her out to a Chinese buffet. She agreed and they started dating. When they got engaged, they ultimately decided on Walmart as the ideal location for their wedding.

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From crafting your own obituary to penning an ode to an onion/5(). The brave Walmart workers who belong to OUR Walmart say fear is the main thing stopping their fellow retail workers from organizing.

As an assistant store manager at Walmart, I saw how managers were trained to put that fear into hourly workers’ heads.

642 things to write about walmart
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