A description of rains forest how it is destructed today and the possible way to preserve it

Although some of these groves are protected within national park boundaries, many of the groves lie in the national forests -- unprotected. Every aspect of our ecosystem is important — because when one goes, the rest will follow. No contribution is too small.

Flowing through the wilderness is the Sipsey River. Economies will stop and will be severely burdened in trying to sustain everyone. Send your suggestions to webmaster saveamericasforests. Instead, when heavy rains come, clearcut areas allow for rapid runoff, causing flooding and erosion.

This national heritage must be protected for the benefit of all Americans and the inherent value of the noble sequoia forests. Our planet is alive and interconnected and we are part of that web. Forest Service has allowed destructive clearcutting throughout most of the Bankhead National Forest, degrading the entire ecosystem and threatening the survival of the Sipsey Wilderness area itself.

How does deforestation affect plants and animals? How are the European countries trying to solve this problem? The worst occurred in and when millions of acres of forest burned. It outlaws artificial tree farms and requires the Forest Service to either actively restore native species or allow natural succession to take its course in re-establishing native ecosystems.

Scientists say that the earth is experiencing a wave of extinction. Clearcutting is strictly prohibited. Efforts are being made to address these global concerns. Citizen involvement is how our laws are made. In a typically misguided policy, the US Forest Service has unbelievably allowed logging all around these fragile groves.

Environmental Degradation Facts How does that affect you and me? But a new bill in the U. Like I mentioned, everything relies on everything else around it. Many people were injured and some were even killed. In and the Amazon experienced the worst droughts ever recorded.

Distinctive interior wetlands also attract wildlife to this semi-arid part of the Rockies. America was once covered with one billion acres of towering primeval forests.

People are becoming more aware that the little things you do everyday does have an effect — whether negatively or positively is up to them.

Farms will be flooded, there will be no food. The impact of ecosystem destruction are the following: Cutting down trees is called deforestation and it can have serious effects. Each year of continued clearcutting in the national forests leads to the loss of more species.

Migrating songbirds find rare habitat in the interior forests. To date, we have extracted approximately 23 billion tons of resources from the Earth. During and after rain, the trees and shrubs hold vast amounts of water in their trunks and leaves, and their roots bind and stabilize the soil.

Government subsidies are needed to help communities and individuals repair the damage.The most feasible solution to deforestation is to carefully manage forest resources by eliminating clear-cutting to make sure forest environments remain intact.

The cutting that does occur should.

Impact of Ecosystem Destruction

Edit Photo Description: When a forest is lost anywhere, people feel it everywhere. Forests make life possible. Circles 3 Across Remove this module. Conservation International monitors forests to both ensure their health and to ensure the long-term success of our work.

Monitoring serves as an early-warning system for destructive trends. When rain falls on a forest, new clouds are created. If huge areas of trees are cut down, clouds do not form, rain does not fall and the land becomes drier.

The CO 2 builds up and adds to the global warming which is making the Earth become hotter. The rain forest is made up of four layers: emergent, upper canopy, understory, and forest floor. Emergent trees grow far apart and tall, their branches reaching above the canopy. The upper canopy houses most of the rain forest's animal species, and forms a roof that blocks most light from reaching below it.

Securing forest ecosystems as parks and other protected areas can help to preserve their valuable plants and animals for future generations. Protected areas have proved key to the preservation of some species, such as the mountain gorillas that live in the forests of the Virunga Mountains in East Africa.

Drought causes die-offs of trees and dries out leaf litter, increasing the risk of forest fires, which are often set by land developers, ranchers, plantation owners, and loggers. In and the Amazon experienced the worst droughts ever recorded.

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A description of rains forest how it is destructed today and the possible way to preserve it
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