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Also, the wire was attached to a wooden rod, which made it impossible to measure the 35cm point on the wire because it was hidden by a notch in the wood. So the experiment will have a constant current, as the can affect the results as current affects temperature.

I will then compare the 3 results against on another, and this will help us see any anomalous readings.

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Another thing that may have made a difference would have been if the equipment I used had been in good working order. Using the ratchet, close the jaws on the object to be measured until it is A resistance investigation essay.

This meant the experiment was not set up with the same equipment as when it was started, and this meant that because none of the equipment available was in very good condition, it could have lead A resistance investigation essay different results, and a change not in the gradient, but the position of the graph half way through.

As you can see from the graph of Experimet 2, the gradient on either side of the lesson-break is the same, there is just a gap in between.

I set up the apparatus in the same way set in the preliminary experiment, In series as below: Note the reading of the highest visible mark on the sleeve in this case 6.

It was incredibly difficult to measure accurately in the condition it was in. The reason that the length is proportional to the resistance is to do with free electrons. I am going to plot 2 graphs and I will pick the best results and plot that on graph paper, then I am going to work out the average resistance of the three results and plot that on another sheet of graph paper.

The variables of the experiment were as follows: I then placed the equipment on a dry surface, as we were using electricity. This means that if the heat of the wire does increase, than the results we be inaccurate and therefore the experiment will have to be repeated. Make sure the micrometer is calibrated to zero.

The ions in the circuit though, get in their way, and the electrons and ions collide causing resistance.

Investigation To Measure The Resistivity Of Graphite Essay Sample

There are many factors which could have contributed to these anomalous results: The readings for 45cm and 50cm were 3. Despite this, there were clear anomalies: Another problem that should have been more carefully tackled was that of the two lesson break.

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Power supply of 4 volts. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. I am confident that it would have made a big difference to the accuracy of the results if the wire had been properly measured.

From my graph I have shown that my prediction was correct, as the Line of Best Fit is a straight line proving that the resistance of the wire is proportional to the length of the wire. Hopefully, I shall find that the difference between the first and last readings should be proportional according, to my scientific knowledge.

These put in an equation to find resistivity are: On the graph of Average Resistance, the anomalous results are not quite so obvious, but there is still a dent around the 45cm and 50cm points. This was difficult as the scales were difficult to read and compare, and it would have been very easy for me to have misread at least one of the results.

Measure the cross section of the graphite.

Resistance of a wire investigation

Main experiment So, I can now move on to the actual experiment, I am going to use the same apparatus I used in the preliminary experiment, which are: Every material has a value. Improvements I think that it would have made major difference to my experiment if I had used a computer to monitor the variables.

The other factor which had the ability to cause a change in temperature was the amperage:Resistance of a wire investigation Essays: OverResistance of a wire investigation Essays, Resistance of a wire investigation Term Papers, Resistance of a wire investigation Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Resistance investigation - Sample Essay When cooled to extremely low temperatures, some conductors have zero resistance.

Resistance of a Wire Investigation

Currents continue to flow in these substances, called superconductors, after removal of the applied electromotive force. The Wire resistance investigation is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples.

Resistance of a Wire Investigation - Sample Essay

Wire resistance investigation is quite a rare and popular topic for. To make a fair test I must: Measure all of the wire at the correct length Use the same amount of voltage for each experiment Record my data accurately Method I already know that the resistance of a wire is determined by its length and thickness, but this investigation is to find out how much, to see if it increases or decreases with length and thickness.

Resistance is the opposition to current and voltage within a given material. George Ohm discovered the concept of resistance in He stated that the current flowing through a wire is proportional to the potential difference across it as long as the temperature remains constant.

Investigation 1) I predict that as the wire increases in length the resistance (collision of particles causing a decrease in velocity for the moving particle) will increase, I think this will happen because there are thousands of electrons and ions in the wire, when the voltage is applied, the negative electrons move through the wire whilst the /5(2).

A resistance investigation essay
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