A review of django unchained a movie by quentin tarantino

I do not think the film is too long at all, and it never feels really slow. I enjoyed every minute of it, but I could never shake the feeling of how messy and thrown together it all feels.

There is a Reservoir Dogs poster right on the wall by our table. Brutally hilarious and quite messy, but a total blast from start to finish DonFishies 23 December I only had one thought on my mind for this Christmas: While Waltz plays the straight man, DiCaprio is delightfully unhinged and vicious.

One character agrees to help another out of what seems to be friendship, but this small act is more or less lost in the grand scheme of brutality. Django Unchained Official Trailer. This brilliant and brutal revenge western, with its bromcom double act from Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, is set among the slave plantations of pre-civil war America.

Some tunes are truly great, and even though the soundtrack will not play on parties up and down like Pulp Fiction does, but it will grown on you. But the DVD was already there, so we might as well watch it.

Django Unchained

Sex Partial nudity includes one female breast and two naked men not full frontal, though nudity is definitely suggested. Christoph Waltz - Dr. Don JohnsonZoe BellKerry Washington even, Tom Saviniand a lot of other names have parts in the film that I am a lot more curious about, and wanna see more of.

Not to mention Sam Jackson, I will get to that in a bit. Having heard Django might have been sold at an auction related to them, he needs him to finish this job.

Let me get back to the visuals for a moment, however. There are two funny scenes early on in the film. From the first minute, Quentin draws you into a gorgeous-looking cinemascope film thank you, Robert Richardson that makes great use of the interesting locations they had picked for Django Unchained, in California Lone Pine and Louisiana for example.

It is significantly more brutally violent than anything he has worked on before the borderline cartoonish Kill Bill includedand has a very go for broke attitude about itself. But the inferior second half borrows most obviously from Mandingo, a exploitation film notorious for its bad taste.

Male slaves are forced to fight each other, breaking bones and bashing each other into a bloody pulp. Language Very strong language throughout includes nonstop use of the "N" word; possibly the most ever used in a high-profile film.

He is black but his loyalty belongs to the white folks and he is very smart and sharp. Stay up to date on new reviews.

But otherwise, this movie is very brutal and not recommended for the under set.Critics Consensus: Bold, bloody, and stylistically daring, Django Unchained is another incendiary masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino%.

Dec 25,  · Quentin Tarantino, the writer and director of “Django Unchained,” narrates a scene from his movie.

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By Mekado Murphy. Django Unchained is a Western film directed by Quentin Tarantino. It is about the adventures of a former slave and the man who freed him. Although there are some similarities, the movie is not a remake or a sequel of the film called Django.

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Django Unchained review: Quentin Tarantino's best - and maddest movie - since Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino's 8th film "Django Unchained" is one hell of a movie. A brutal, bloody, terrifying, hilarious and awe-inspiring western disguised as a buddy movie that is so great that if John Wayne and Sergio Leone were alive now, they would've approve of this movie. "Django Unchained" is one of the most interesting and diverse movie soundtracks to be released in a long time.

I highly recommend it (along with all of Tarantino's other soundtracks - check out "Jackie Brown" and "Inglourious Basterds" if .

A review of django unchained a movie by quentin tarantino
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