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El Guapo congratulates them, then shoots Lucky in the foot and dies. The villagers offer to give the Amigos all the money they have, but the Amigos refuse it, saying as in their movies that seeing justice done is enough of a reward for them.

A relieved Carmen picks up the Amigos and takes them to the village, where they are put up in the best house in town and treated very well. Sex One character has an STD from sleeping with prostitutes.

Plot[ edit ] Inthe bandit El Guapo and his gang are collecting protection money from the Mexican village of Santo Poco. A lot or a little? The Amigos perform a show at the Cantina, singing "My Little Buttercup", and leave the locals amused.

Language Language is typical for a war-themed movie, with several uses of "f--k" and "s--t," plus "God" as an exclamation"goddamn," "whore," "ass," "son of a bitch," "piss," and the "N" word. Ned persuades Lucky and Dusty to go after El Guapo. Stopping at a cantina near Santo Poco, they are mistaken for associates of a fast-shooting German pilot, who is also looking for El Guapo and who arrived just before they did.

Strong language includes several uses of "f--k," "s--t," and the "N" word about half of the movie is in English, the other half subtitled.

Children are involved in shootings.

They spot a cargo plane and follow it; the plane is flown by the German, who has brought a shipment of rifles for the gang. The village throws a boisterous celebration for the Amigos and their victory. Carmen, daughter of the village leader, searches for someone who can come to the rescue of her townspeople.

Compton is shown to be a decent American soldier, showing empathy toward the Filipino villagers, and another young solider falls in love with one of the local girls.

In reality, the men inform El Guapo of what has happened, and he decides to return the next day and kill the Amigos. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

The bandits ride off, making everyone think that the Amigos have defeated the enemy. El Guapo allows his men to loot the village and kidnap Carmen, and the Amigos leave Santo Poco in disgrace. The bandits arrive, only to find themselves suddenly being shot at by Amigos from all sides and falling into hidden trenches dug by the villagers.

The Amigos try to sneak into the hideout, with mixed results: After breaking into the studio to retrieve their costumes, the Amigos head for Mexico. When they demand a salary increase, studio boss Harry Flugleman fires them and evicts them from their studio-owned housing.

Written and directed by legendary indie filmmaker John Saylesthe movie tries to capture the point of view of American soldiers occupying a small baryo, as well as the locals who live there.

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Implied sex between a married couple. An American soldier has a sweet romance with a local girl no kissing or nudity. As he lies dying, the villagers step out to confront him.

He falls asleep on guard duty as a result of his drinking. Stay up to date on new reviews. Positive Messages Over the course of the story, some of the American soldiers learn to empathize with their Filipino hosts, seeing them as human beings rather than as enemies or animals.Jul 06,  · Watch video · In "Amigo" by veteran director John Sayles, attempts to show all sides of a multi- dimensional conflict that was the Philippine-American War.

The film brings us back to the turn of the previous century,when Spain just ceded the Philippines to the USA/10(). While visiting a village church, she sees a silent film featuring "The Three Amigos" and, believing them to be real heroes, sends a telegram asking them to come and stop El Guapo.

Meanwhile, Critical response. Three. Downbeat war drama is intelligent but violent. Read Common Sense Media's Amigo review, age rating, and parents guide. Sep 13,  · The climax of the film hinges on whether Rafael betrayed his "amigo," or "friend" status, leading Lt.

Compton's men into an ambush. One could certainly not blame him if he did, after Colonel Hardacre earns his Dick Cheney comparison by having Rafael waterboarded in order to get information about his brother.3/5.

Amigo: Film Review. PM PDT 10/14/ atmospheric and steeped in the culture of the rural Philippines of the time, Amigo follows what happens when a U.S.

platoon occupies the village of. "Amigo" is a small, interesting little low-budget film that benefits from beautiful photography and Sayles' well-paced direction. For its 61%.

Amigo film response
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