Biography writing assignment

Writers' Workshop: The Biographical Sketch

Be sure your article portrays the character consistently with the character in the story. Prewriting - List character traits. Thus, many scholars try to find a biography writing service that can help them solve all their problems with a single click of a mouse.

You can, however, fill in missing information. Drafting - Explain the circumstances of your meeting, how you met the person, and what you talked about.

Revising - Use peer evaluation. On top of everything mentioned above, you can also get some work samples. Use the following ideas to get you started: Therefore, the first thing you should do when it comes to completing your own story is to ask for instructions or requirements for this project.

How to Write a Biography written by: Identify whether or not the person became famous before or after the meeting. These are the basics that may be useful to know apart from other obvious constituents as grammatical and spelling literacy, the correctness of dates, names, and places, or a chosen formatting style.

Make sure you focus on your audience as you revise. The audience should be the type of person who would read the magazine you created.

Write a biography on a famous writer.

Hence, to write biography, an individual should be extremely detailed when it comes to describing lives of famous people, especially those, whose actions mean a lot on a global level, for example, scientists, inventors, political leaders, etc.

And this is when these people realize that they need some biography help, as there are some things that only professional biographers know. Choose a character from the novel to write the article on. Brainstorm characters who attracted your attention. Instead of a literary character, make a person in the news the subject of your article.

At the same time, for many college and university students it will be extremely useful to know some peculiarities of their own stories to be written for educational purposes.

Write a magazine article chronicling an encounter with any famous historical figure. Create a name for the magazine and a title for the article.

Prewriting - Review short stories. You may have to make inferences. The first type of writing is always prepared by other people, not those whose life get described.


When students seek for some examples that may guide them along the whole way of tailoring a decent life-story project, they find out that there are not one, but a few types of such writings, such as popular, artistic, scientific, etc.

Research biographical information and his or her works. Drafting - Keep the character consistent.

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On the other hand, there are different types of life stories which are necessary to know. Still trying to figure out how to write a perfect life story of a well-known person when running out of time?

Prewriting - Set up a believable situation in which you meet the character. In previous years, stories of great people who marked our history were handwritten by monks and other persons who specialized in this sphere.

But what a person should do if he is asked to write his life story? Do the above assignment. Certainly, every assignment is tailored following particular patterns and rules, so knowing these rules facilitates the process significantly.

Choose the one you feel would make the most interesting biography. Prewriting - Visualize the character. It can also be considered biographical or autobiographical.

An autobiography, in turn, is a process performed by the subjects themselves. Revising - Add details to make the encounter and the character more realistic.Students use the faces and places they learn about in their research to write a biography about a contemporary or historical figure.

Writers' Workshop: The Biographical Sketch - ReadWriteThink x. A biography is simply the story of a life.

Biographies can be just a few sentences long, or they can fill an entire book—or two. Very short biographies tell the basic facts of someone's life and importance. When a teacher assigns a biography as a writing assignment, the purpose is to have a student utilize multiple research tools to gather and to synthesize information that may be used as evidence in a written report about an individual.

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Biography Writing Assignment

Assignment Ideas. Use biography writing assignments in conjunction with current events, a literature unit, a research paper, or a history project.

Use the following ideas to get you started: Short Story Unit: Write a magazine article describing a meeting with a character from any story you've read this semester. After reading your author’s biography, continue to research your author using the Internet and the recommended Web resources.

2. Evaluate your sources using the Critical Evaluation of a Websiteform. 3. Take notes and turn them in! 4. Turn in a bibliography of sources used. Include at least one Internet source, one print source, and the biography you read.

Biography writing assignment
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