Cell phones boon or bane

Mobiles: Boon or Bane Essay Sample

Mobile phones are always helpful in day to day life as they are portable and very effective for communication. They contribute a lot to people.

It is very important that we must have control on mobile phone and also talk only useful or it must be informative to others and money saving and time saving to you. It is only to do show off.

Every time you recharge some taxes will recharged. Poor parents cannot understands what their kids are actually doing and they believe there kids so much that they really do not realize the problems of giving mobiles to children at a very young age and all this result in many problems.

This is dam cheap, and this message offers are mainly opted by student as they can spend very little amount on phone.

Mobile phone also provides secrets from parents. Mobile phones are very essential and useful in today life. India has got an important place in the world. As cell phones were invented people felt it was a gift of the advanced technology. Again here also package are provided and people can opt packages according to their own will and wish.

In the ancient times, the pigeons were first means of communication. More essays like this: So students take it an advantage and repeat the everyday.

And even by the telegrams and speed post were also taking lot of times. This is major advantage of mobile phones. Mobile phones are a gift of advanced technology. Customer care is also provided to classify all the quires and get information regarding various packages. These entire factors play a major role and thereby they must manufactured keeping the demand in mind but not in excess which later revolves into many problems.

Now it is also possible to change from one network to the network without losing the number. Thus cell phones can be considered as a boon. They help in maintaining contact with friends and family. But today in this modern world learning good has become very tough and committing sins and bad thing has become very easy day by day.

They neither listen to the lecture nor write the notes deviated by the lectures and all these contribute in scoring low marks. Mobile phones are highly harmful. So hence as technology started increasing cell phones were invented. Messages are mostly preferred by children and student.

This sometimes may spoil the career of people. Uses of mobile phones: Further, such children have poor grammatical knowledge and the language used in their communication via SMS is not accurate, therefore their spelling learning capability is also badly influenced.

Cell phone — a boon or a bane?

Internet services on mobiles phones charges.Article on Mobile phone boon or bane Get the answers you need, now!/5(5). Free Essay: CELL PHONE: BOON OR BANE From the invention of fire to the world of digital, man has forced his scientific advance.

In this fast moving. Get an answer for 'Mobile phones: A boon or a bane?' and find homework help for other Technology and Society questions at eNotes. Mobiles: Boon or Bane Essay Sample. Through cell phones we can communicate with people far away while doing the necessary work and even when travelling.

May 23,  · Cell phone — a boon or a bane? Share On; While people are busy talking over cell phones oblivious to the surroundings, criminals find it much easier to get away.

A new crop of mint-body.com: The Hindu. CELL PHONE: BOON OR BANE From the invention of fire to the world of digital, man has forced his scientific advance. The greatest invention are those which affect the mass of people; and of those greatest invention is cell mint-body.com would be very ungrateful on our parts not to recognise how imperative are they to us.

Cell phones.

Cell phones boon or bane
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