Character analysis of jurgis rudkis in the jungle by upton sinclair

Packingtown is a section of Chicago where the meat packing industry is centralized. He is a Lithuanian immigrant who believes in himself and his work ethic but finds that making a living for his wife and family takes more than hard work and dedication.

When Sinclair was fifteen years old, he began writing to support himself and his hefty college expenses. This was the way the Capitalistic society was presented in the book.

However, he faces continued hardship, his character dramatically changes and he begins to drink heavily, and later he abandons his family. But Jurgis evidently has secret reserves of strength, resilience and character.

The Jungle

Because he was unable to save Ona, he longs to save Marija. He becomes one of the thousands of hobos and workers; his old strength comes back in healthful, rural surroundings. He is forced to work at high speeds for long hours with low pay, and so is the rest of the family.

The Jungle is more than an advertisement for Socialism. A man called Ostrinski is a half-blind tailor who teaches Jurgis about Socialism.

Jurgis goes in and out of jail and offers money to meat-packing workers for their votes.

The Jungle Characters

Winter comes again, and Jurgis pulls a tendon in his ankle while attempting to avoid a rampaging steer at the plant. At last, summer comes with its hordes of flies and oppressive heat. He sees his father worked to death without any care from his bosses at the meatpacking plants.

When he is released, he finds to his horror that his house has been repossessed, as has all his furniture, even though both were almost paid for. Their relationship reaches its depths when Jurgis barbarically forces Ona to confess to her relationship with Connor and then reacts without sympathy to her plight.

Jurgis also suffers from the arrogance of youth, health and strength, and laughs at the stories of men broken by the stockyards.

The Jungle Summary

Jurgis is a strong, determined individual with a faith in the American Dream of self-betterment, but his health, family, and hopes are slowly destroyed by the miserable working and living conditions in Packingtown. That group is the Socialist Party. This hotelkeeper is one of the organizers of the state Socialist Party, and his hotel is the site of many political discourses.

They let robbers go, and demanded a percentage of what the robbers had taken.The Jungle is a novel written by Upton Sinclair that serves to highlight the difficulty of living in the social class during the early twentieth century.

Read this study guide to learn more about the characters and themes in the novel. Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle": A Brief Study Guide.

Analysis of the Main Characters. Jurgis Rudkus: A. More about Jurgis Rudkus as a Dynamic Character in Upton Sinclair's the Jungle Close to the Edge: Analysis of Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle' Words | 6 Pages.

Jurgis Throughout The Jungle, Sinclair’s characters are not so much well-rounded, believable characters as they are representative figures of the immigrant working class as a whole. The greatest evidence of Sinclair’s use of Jurgis to garner sympathy and admiration is that he doesn’t possess any true character flaw.

Yes, The Jungle pretty much focuses on one character – Jurgis Rudkus – but Jurgis is also, in a sense, Everyman. As Everyman, pretty much every horrible thing that can happen to a guy in Packingtown happens to Jurgis. Laid off? Check. Antanas Rudkus (Little Antanas) Only child of Ona and Jurgis.

He is Jurgis' hope for the future but he suffers a fate similar to his mother and cousins'. He is Jurgis' hope for the future but he suffers a fate similar to his mother and cousins'.

Jurgis Rudkus Character Timeline in The Jungle The timeline below shows where the character Jurgis Rudkus appears in The Jungle.

Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle: Summary & Analysis

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Character analysis of jurgis rudkis in the jungle by upton sinclair
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