Examples of imagery

When he was on the way to work, he heard the muffled cry of a woman. The word spread like leaves in a storm. Once More to the Lake By E. The wild gusts of cold wind pierced her body. The lake was left shivering by the touch of morning wind. This excerpt comes from the beginning of the novel where Suskind sets up the general palate of smells in eighteenth-century Paris.

The fresh and juicy orange is very cold and sweet. Consider an example from Act I, Examples of imagery V: The type of senses you seek to gain while you begin to read the book.

First the word sunny refers to the visual imagery.

Imagery Examples

However, this idea is but partially correct. An example of visualimagery would be: While the reader knows that this is a dark night, the sense of sound makes the scene even more realistic.

The flower scent refers to the sense of smell, and then the plick-plock refers to the sense of hearing. Old-age liver spots dotted her cheeks, and her pale eyes had black pinpoint pupils. The bright yellow flowers looked buttery againstthe fresh blue sky.

Whether you like hip-hop, pop, rock and roll, country or soul, music is as good a place as ever to find good samples of imagery. Down in the street little eddies of wind were whirling dust and torn paper into spirals, and though the sun was shining and the sky a harsh blue, there seemed to be no colour in anything, except the posters that were plastered everywhere.

In the fourth line, the bare, withered tree uses the imagery of sight. And, in fact, she could not bear the earth in her mouth. Imagery in reading is using words to describe a picture in a story.

Here is another example of imagery in music:Imagery Examples in Literature. Example #1: Romeo and Juliet (By William Shakespeare) Imagery of light and darkness is repeated many times in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Consider an example from Act I, Scene V:. Sep 13,  · Imagery is the use of vivid or figurative language to representobjects, actions, or ideas. Examples: The stark gray monolith of the summit towered in front of him.

The following examples of imagery can help you learn how to use this literary tool. Examples of Imagery When writing descriptive poetry it becomes increasingly necessary to review exactly what imagery is and its innate relevance to poetry as an art form.

Imagery is basically describing something in so much detail that iit forms an image in your head.

Examples of Imagery

Obviously, imagery is very individual to the writer. For example, the pot was a red as a tounge after eating a cherry flavored ring pop. Imagery is the literary term used for language and description that appeals to our five senses.

When a writer attempts to describe something so that it appeals to our sense of smell, sight, taste, touch, or hearing; he/she has used imagery. An example of an imagery sentence is, "The morning air was damp yet crisp and the intermittent drizzling rain only added to the gloomy, wet and haggard feeling," which is imagery that describes the place that the character is in.

Another example of imagery would be, "There are wheels within wheels.

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Examples of imagery
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