Interesting topics to write about for school newspaper ideas


For instance, a journalist can develop a good story from the embarrassing moments that both teachers and students encounter while in school. This would include could they buy flood insurance, what insurance companies provide flood insurance, how good is the flood insurance and so on.

New governmental policies Trending stories — stories that polarize people, cause social upheaval, or that most people are following. So here are some topics to write about for school essays, journals, newspapers, or magazines. Some great topics to write on are: Describe the area affected by the flood.

Write articles on what to do if someone tries to take advantage of you, how to overcome the fear of authority, how to approach the principal, what friendship really is, how to make friends, how to study, ways to get better grade, study tips, and so forth.

How Healthy is Cafeteria Food?

What Are Some High School Newspaper Article Ideas?

These are the general criteria for selecting topics for any kind of writing. Comics particularly student drawn ones Guest articles from staff and faculty Polls.

Topics to Write About for School

Once again, thank you. Stories can be developed by analyzing the lives of specific students at the school who have overcome challenges, such as parental divorce, and still succeeded in their studies. Whenever I lack ideas, I always check out the newspaper for current issues.

Expand on the topic using who, what, when, where and how. Write stories on those running for class offices and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Where to find assistance for flood victims. Penlighten Staff Be it any kind of writing, topics are aplenty. School policy and rules School curriculum Self-Help Articles You can write articles that help people overcome certain addictions, bad habits, and fears.

Possible proactive ways to avoid flooding in the future. Do they inspire you to write on them? Social issues parenting, divorce, dating, religion, marriage, diversity, racism, etc. Insurance issues for individuals in the flood area. Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial.

A good example is the flooding that is taking place in many parts of the world. For the School Newspaper These editorial topics are meant to provide inspiration to you so that you come up with some topics of your own, which are relevant to where your school is.

Consider stories such as the consequences students face when they spend most of their time and money on gaming or technology, or the challenges students face when they take college credits while they are still in high school.25 creative writing prompts to inspire and motivate you.

Don’t you just hate writer’s block? Some say it’s a disease that only creative workers succumb to. It is one of the most overly debated topics in society right now, and in a school newspaper, I simply can't see that being interesting - no matter how well you write it.

Interesting Research Paper Topic # High School Dropouts. What social, personal, 5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Media, Social Media, and Advertising. As with anything involving media, social media, and advertising, watch out for biased and inaccurate information. Closing Tips on Writing an Interesting Research Paper.

Topics to Write About for School For school, finding interesting topics to write about might seem to be an arduous task at first, but the ideas presented below might make it easier for you to choose a good topic. What are some good ideas for a school newspaper article?

Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. What are some good topic ideas for an article about home schooling? How do you write an article for your school newspaper? What are some good newspaper columns?

How to Find Stories for Your School Newspaper. Search the site GO. Issues. Journalism U.S. Government School Newspaper Ideas.

Some school papers have good editors who are full of great story ideas; If there's a student who has accomplished some interesting things, you could write about him or her. Sports team stars always make a good.

Interesting topics to write about for school newspaper ideas
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