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An industry that is subject to an intense number of influential variables, is undergoing significant change, and is burdened with highly regulated procedures that impede the necessary change, the healthcare industry presents unique challenges for new industry leaders. Honesty and open communication is crucial to successfully change, therefore, the change may not be readily embraced.

Leadership requires going beyond building excitement. Leaders guide people and people are opinionated, passionate, excitable, determined, stubborn, and sometimes angry and frustrated. Get Access Leadership Models Essay Sample Leadership models have been used in uncountable ways to increase productivity and efficiency of organizations.

Transformational Leadership Transformational leaders seek to motivate and inspire their followers by giving them the opportunity to express their creativity in the workplace. Transactional leaders can provide formal procedures and structure, but may lack the ability to motivate and excite their followers.

The underlying belief regarding the trait theory implies that certain people possess natural distinctiveness that makes an individual a better leader than others Clawson, Nevertheless, the question is not whether or not any of these theories should be considered the leading leadership model because, they have each contributed to future research knowledge regarding leadership behavior.

A servant leader who has charismatic passion will be best suited to building employee support. Job satisfaction as mediator: Furthermore, it can be a considered neighboring with the behavior approach because it involves leadership behavior. The ideal leadership theory depends on the workplace setting and the dynamics of the organization or company.

When the initial interest is over, followers will be looking for transactional guidance to maintain the initial momentum. Exuding charisma, generous with compliments, and perceptive to individual needs, transformational leaders have the ability to easily influence change within a workforce that has the ability to transform with fluidity and without considerable operational roadblocks.

Transformational leaders can inspire new ideas, but without clear direction, such ideas may remain lofty dreams. As long as the leader has the knowledge, education, and experience to direct the change, adding a dose of charisma can go a long way.

Ultimately, this paper will compare and contrast four dissimilar leadership models or theories.

Leadership Models Essay Sample

If a leader expects to orchestrate change in a healthcare organization, he or she must be prepared to play an active role in coordinating the change efforts.

These models may not work in every workplace environment, yet the advantage is relevant in the outcome of job performance and job satisfaction. The four leadership models employed involves such as the behavior approach, the power and influence approach, trait theory, and the social exchange theory.

In an industry that consistently overworks its staff members and is rife with excessive ego, a leader who isolates himself or herself from the workforce is unlikely to build sufficient support to cause broad sweeping change.

Pakistan Business Review, 14 4Tangpinyoputtikhun, P. Conclusion Maintaining a repertoire of leadership styles will prepare a leader to move through a variety of situations.

Rules and consequences are key to transactional leadership, which strengthen the foundation of an industry that relies upon consistency, procedures, and effective documentation. Consequently, the power and influence approach and the social exchange theory possess similar leadership behavior because each leader likes to prey on others weakness.

The Power and Influence Approach The power and influence approach scrutinizes the interaction amid leaders in a workplace environment Clawson, Dealing with a wide variety of personality types and stakeholders with varying priorities requires a high level of emotional intelligence.

Any type of change requires inspiration and motivation, but a transactional leader is more likely to provide the step-by-step process, documentation for new operating procedures, budgetary support, procedural analysis, and employee training that is required to affect change in a strictly regulated workplace.

Moreover, this theory can be neighboring to the trait theory because the trait theory entails similar factors such as ambitious, achievement-orientated, assertive, cooperative, and decisive leadership behavior. The trait theory contains certain intrinsic flaws, such as good leaders can be based only on their traits, or other contingency factors Khan, Free Essay: Introduction The purpose of this paper is to conduct a literature review of Hersey and Blanchard’s leadership theory and model.

The researcher.

The purpose of this paper is to conduct a literature review of Hersey and Blanchard’s leadership theory and model. The researcher will provide a brief description of the major points of the situation leadership theory/model. Also, the researcher will highlight the efficacy of the theory/model in.

Leadership theories and models. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: To be a leader, a person must have the ability to motivate or influence other people.

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Leadership Models Essay Sample. Leadership models have been used in uncountable ways to increase productivity and efficiency of organizations. This is done through various approaches, methods, and techniques. Compare and Contrast Four Leadership Models Essay.

Pages: 5 ( A servant leader will often gain the respect of his or her followers due to a willingness to work side-by-side with his or her team to complete the task; however, sometimes a leader requires separation from the troops in order to avoid possible biases.

The objective. Essay Leadership Models – a Comparison Leadership Models – A Comparison The study of leadership requires examining various leadership models and the alignment of the theory and practice. Leading and influencing others is a complex task.

Leader models essay
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