Managing the virus hunters case application

More Essay Examples on Computer Rubric In a job where all the work rotates around technical elements, it is an essential requirement for Mr. Even the dynamic unpredictable environment gives the manager the challenge of not being able to predict what may happen next.

There is no more point in trying to put an end to the bad deed, but it is important to chase the bad people now. We must not limit it to within ourselves only, but look at the outside environment too!

Thus they have introduced their new Norton security System and have asked people to join in a particular program which will collect data regarding attempted intrusions to computer and forward it all to the authorities. Weafer needs to be. Even after putting so much effort, the experts of security have come to the realization that the battle is losing one and hence their next plan is to add a new line of defence and use power of various people to track these cyber criminals and punish them.

Their office is located at in Santa Monica which is in California and it has been described as quite the complex of all the networks present at Symantec.

Case Application 2 The Virus Hunters

To tackle these problems, Mr. With the trust of his team members, he should coach and mentor them to be the best. A good manager is one whose subordinates feel comfortable in working for.

Weafer is seeking internal and external information, to better understand the organization and environment. Summary of the Case: Without these technical skills, he will not be able to keep a good watch on the work his team does, and not understand or figure out what quality of the work is being done.

Their approach to keep a chaotic job working round-the-clock around the globe is a lesson that non-stopping tasks can be tackled and made easier for the workers. Weafer works in, teamwork and results are the most important things that matter; and with the proper skills, Mr. This will ultimately become the cause of demotivation among the virus-hunters; when they see the person in charge has no idea of what work his team is doing, and they will start working at a lower quality because they will be able to get away with it.

Symantec has a very user-friendly website and gives a lot of emphasis on customer service. He should give priority to the learning and understanding how the world of computer viruses work; how they are made, how they function, and how they are cured and get rid of.

The others are also assigned to make new tools which will provide assistance to fellow colleagues in the process of battling these new emerging threats.

Weafer is motivating his employees to perform their responsible tasks of fulfilling all the commitments the company has made to their customers. When assessing feasibility of adding a new network security consulting service, Mr. Others are responsible for writing the research papers.

Answered previously in question 4 previous page. Here the analysts collect all the suspicious codes as well as the software and try and understand the method in which they function, so they can write anti-virus codes to counteract them and protect their customer and clients.

Your employees will always be looking up to you for everything, ranging from technical help, to motivational support and trust.

Weafer can surely be a very effective and efficient manager. If Vincent Weafer knows everything his team is doing, it will help keep his team at a professional level.

To summarize, Vincent Weafer needs to give equal importance to all his managerial skills; technical, human, and conceptual. What Managers can learn from this Case? In what ways does the organization support its employees in servicing customers and in being innovative?THE VIRUS HUNTERS Case Application of Chapter 11 Symantec Corp.

Background - An American global computer security software corporation headquartered in Mountain View, California - Founded in by visionary computer scientists.

Managing the Virus Hunters ´╗┐Case: Managing the Virus Hunters Introduction: Symantec Corp. is a security software company, best known for its Norton antivirus.

Founded in by Gary Hendrix, it is the market leader in security software. Case: Managing the Virus Hunters Introduction: Symantec Corp - Managing the Virus Hunters introduction. is a security software company, best known for its Norton antivirus.

Founded in by Gary Hendrix, it is the market leader in security software.

Managing the Virus Hunters

Its headquarters are located in Mountain View, California, U.S. and the company operates worldwide. CASE APPLICATION: Managing the Virus Hunters Imagine what life would be like if your product were never finished, if your work were never done, if your market shifted 30 times a day.

The computer-virus hunters at Symantec Corp. don't have to imagine. That's the reality of their daily work life. Case Study on Managing the Virus Hunters 1. Welcome To Our Presentation 2.

Managing the Virus Hunters Essay

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Managing the virus hunters case application
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