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How mediocrity prevents benchmarking In going about its business excellence sets Mediocre essays which, in turn, become the target beyond which those in pursuit of excellence will then sets their sights.

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That fact is too much for mediocrity. Perhaps, I should drop this project and go for the readings instead. Otherwise, they end up on the bland side. Inherent in the idea of resentment is the requirement that one understands what it is that one dislikes. Mediocrity takes all that is noble about compromise and turns it in on itself, bringing its ability to dilute excellence to the fore and emphasising form over substance.

Because those are things everyone learns from tennis.

How mediocrity resents excellence Mediocrity is a confused society, even its own members refute their status; but it is also a cruel society which, because its reach is now so Mediocre essays and wide, often tempts those forged in excellence to seek its approval.

It does so little-by-little. It was also interesting to read about the role of the state as discussed by Stiglitz. A mediocre outcome can easily be the unintended result of an endeavour undertaken in the pursuit of excellence.

And, in doing so, it reinforces its own effect: Despite every effort to sabotage it, regardless of a stubborn refusal to celebrate it and notwithstanding a deep-seated resentment toward championing it, mediocrity will seamlessly appropriate any excellent outcome as if that achievement was its very intention from the beginning.

Fuelled by apathy, legitimised by nationalism and fostered by indifference, it is a unifying threat which lurks below the surface of every institution and, increasingly, manifests in the thinking that constitutes the public mind.

This stands in stark contrast to excellence, which is self-calibrating: And, as it is by nature both invasive and pervasive, it is a contagion that remains particularly difficult to define.

Even when mediocrity is weak and frail, it needs only the smallest amount of sustenance to regenerate and infect those around it. There were at least two posts that I had previously written where I felt like what I said was inadequate in light of the new readings that I had done.

How mediocrity is insidious and pervasive The Sorites paradox poses the following question: There were theoretical underpinnings such as wage push inflation being the primary cause of inflation at full employment such that the government adopted corporatism in the post-war, which eventually worked against them through strikes.

One might ask how this assertion fairly sits next to the contention that mediocrity it is self aware. But this is wrong. Rather, it is the result of inaction or incompetence. That is a mistake, because mediocrity will never endorse excellence, just as compromise will never understand principle.

Thus, in a society where political correctness — a neighbour and good friend of mediocrity — is also well entrenched, these two allies, the inoffensive and the incompetent, will work together to keep excellence shut out and the possibility of change at bay.

But that is a truth mediocrity can never express and so the anger swells within it. The answer is obvious: Feeding off insecurity and fear and able to regenerate at a speed excellence simply cannot match.

Thus, should a situation arise in which excellence is obliged to apologise to mediocrity, the scene is set for much resentment and animosity. Perhaps mediocrity has some way to go before it usurps excellence itself but certainly it is fair to say that, in the public mind, it enjoys equal billing with the adequate, the average and the acceptable, as opposed to their opposites.

It employs exaggeration and hyperbole to achieve its ends and is willing even to resort to emotional blackmail, if raw enthusiasm does not serve its purpose. Mediocrity works in the other direction. The first dimension is adopted by the pluralists such as Dahl, who believe that A has power over B when A is able to influence B to do something that B would otherwise not do.

If it is identified and countered, its symptoms can be reduced or suppressed but, like a virus, it can never be eliminated.

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As excellence is a relative concept — in the sense that it can be improved upon — it requires a benchmark against which it can be measured; and mediocrity happily obliges. How mediocrity reduces expectation By its very existence mediocrity has achieved a large part of its objective.

Yet the opposite does not hold true. Mediocrity has no problem with the what. Mediocrity understands full well what excellence is and the chasm that separates the two. How mediocrity is a gatekeeper If mediocrity has a chance to prevent excellence from progressing it will leap at it.

It requires absolute commitment and a relentless drive to lift expectations, to demand excellence from others, to deliver excellence ourselves and to measure our performance against the highest standards. From the examiner reports, it appears that such essays would not do well, so sticking to this approach might not give the desired returns in the exam.

And if the subject is intrinsically mediocre, within that limited frame of reference, even its best attributes are hard to cherish. It reminded me of the type of writing many adults and English teachers believe would make a good essay.

There is also the possibility of a long Kondratieff cycle in the post war at work rather than the Keynesian policies adopted.But if you are working on your essay, I wouldn’t use this one for inspiration or as a guide on writing your own.

Be bold. Pick topics that haven’t been written about a lot.

A mediocre extracurricular essay has a "so what" that sounds something like this: Being on the tennis team taught me many important lessons such as teamwork, leadership and.

Mediocre Response: The advantages of being eighteen are numerous. First of all, it is a time when you are no longer considered a child. The majority of eighteen year olders are heading off to college. This is a new beginning because no longer will people do things for you.

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Now you must do it for yourself. Use our essays as frames of reference for research. can take your writing from slow and mediocre to fast. Apr 23,  · Evidently I have not been keeping up my writing since Tuesday. There are two main reasons (1) I'm beginning to question the efficiency of this pedagogical tool (2) I.

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