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Next we will explore the values and attitudes difference among individuals. Youthful employees tend have a higher degree of turnover in a company. The first item to be discussed will be the age of the employees. Be specific as to where the diversity issues lie.

There are two basic types of values, personal and workplace. Increased employee and customer satisfaction end up as increased productivity, all of which are measurable outcomes Goff, Has the organization impressed upon its leaders and managers the benefits that come from managing diversity appropriately?

Diversity goes beyond employment equity to nurturing an environment that values the differences and maximizes the potential of all employees, one that stimulates employee creativity and innovativeness U.

Spreitzer it states that "in comparison to those under 30, satisfaction with job security is more strongly related to the commitment of more senior workers ages and those over age 45 and to their desire to remain with their companies. Why is organizational diversity important?

In contrast, satisfaction with work-life balance is more strongly related to commitment of those under age 30 than those over 30". The ability to understand different personalities of coworkers may help one understand why they act the way do and allow one to best used to perform the tasks assigned.

People do not think alike but is specifically why those with diverse personalities should be sought out. Recognizing and effectively managing the additional stresses put on younger workers with relation to their lower incomes and higher turnover rate may allow them to have a higher level of job satisfaction, thus reducing turnover and all its related costs as well as retaining those employees until they become higher-paid, seasoned workers.

There are any number of characteristics that may be classified as falling into the category of diversity, such factors include national origin, race, age, family status, culture, education, employee status, function, gender, regional origin, religion, and sexual orientation.

The second diversity factor to be discussed will be differences in personality traits of employees. By using a survey that focuses on these questions you can ascertain where administration and management feel the organization presently is regarding diversity. The organization that manages diversity recognizes that it is not enough to hire employees from minority sectors to fill quotas; the company understands that when all employees are supported and valued they will operate at peak efficiency to the betterment of the organization.

Historically, diversity in the workplace has been recognized as an employment equity issue. These elements include a needs analysis, administrative and management support and commitment, education and training, culture and management systems changes and continuous follow-up and evaluation.

Second, determine the needs of the organization."The first requirement was to define diversity and diversity management and once that was established, the definitions were used to form the foundation of the organization's diversity policy, vision statement, and strategic plan" (U.S.


of. workforce planning Essay  Workforce planning is the ongoing balancing act that ensures the right individuals with the right skills at right place at the right time, to meet a organization’s current and future objectives (Lepak & Gowan, ). Nursing Essay: Executive Summary of Organizational Diversity Write a 2 3-page executive summary that examines an organization’s diversity policies and practices.

Becoming a nursing leader requires a good deal of thought, consideration, and evaluation of the qualities you believe are essential for a nurse to effectively lead in the delivery of.

Why is organizational diversity important?

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND DIVERSITY. Overview. Southwest Airlines and Koch Industries are both known for their distinctive organizational cultures, and both have been highly successful and profitable companies.

Mar 13,  · The Power of Cultural Diversity Essay Words | 6 Pages Power of Cultural Diversity Cultural diversity is a powerful standard in human nature that stimulates the development of the stimuli that makes people worldwide diverse.

This list of management research paper topics provides key issues and topics that managers are confronting in the modern world. New technologies, globalization, and associated ethical implications frame many of these issues like the management of nonprofit, arts, healthcare, sports, and philanthropic organizations.

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Organizational planning with diversity essay
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