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Police Programs and Strategies between New York and Los Angeles Police Department For the past decade, the prevalence of Police strategies essay caused by crimes and other crime-related activities in the society has increased.

In another proactive strategy, aggressive field interrogation, the police check out suspicious persons and places. Proactive policing While the mere presence of police in an area may not deter crime, aggressive patrol may make a difference. Patrol Patrol remains the backbone of police operations.

New York and Los Angeles are examples of cities wherein the occurrence of crime and other offenses against the law and society are prevalent. These programs were organized to prevent the occurrence of theft and assault on the streets and on the persons of New Yorkers themselves.

Departmental policies guide traffic enforcement. Also, the robbery inspection program prevents further harm that can be potentially done by robbers after robbing a transport vehicle like taxis.

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Of these, the second, preventive patrol, is the most controversial. This study discovered that a small number of locations in Minneapolis accounted for a disproportionate number of the calls for police service.

The main advantage of car patrol over foot patrol is increased efficiency of coverage. Does increasing the number of police reduce crime rates? Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and other nationalities can be found in the city of Los Angeles, and the prevalence of hate crimes is ever increasing in a place wherein racial and cultural diversity is also profound.

For the past decade, various programs have been made to ensure the people that their security is guaranteed by the NYPD, but few of these programs have been significant and useful to the NYPD and the people of New York to be considered as effective and worthy programs of the department.

Although LAPD lacks he informative and conceptual frameworks of its crime prevention programs as compared to the informative web site of NYPDLAPD illustrates its performance by posting their accomplishments and performance in their site in order for the people to be informed on how crime as been prevalent or disintegrating in Los Angeles for the past decade.

Because crime is not evenly distributed throughout a community, it stands to reason that some places need more patrol than others. Patrol has three parts: Some departments expect officers to write a certain number of tickets each day.

In the real world, however, police clear only 21 percent of all reported index crimes. Research since the s has shown the limits of both patrol and investigation for controlling crime. He points out that other types of patrol, such as foot patrols or patrols in unmarked cars, might reduce crime.

The Minneapolis study, for example, centered around hot spots. Whatever crimes patrol officers did not prevent, detectives attempted to solve by questioning suspects, victims, and witnesses.

Police Strategies

Especially with the increasing development of weaponry, strategies, and prevalence of drug addiction, the occurrence of crime in the America society has been one of the primary concerns of most police enforcers and the government in the present time.

The Los Angeles Police Department, meanwhile, has a wholly different approach in combating crime and offenses to the state law and society compared to the NYPD.

Moreover, research suggests that detective work is boring and requires a good deal of paperwork. The first program under the CPS is the security survey program.

The aim of crackdowns is to sharply increase police activity to get the largest number of drug arrests and to stop street dealing.

The tradition of giving each neighborhood an equal amount of patrol wastes police resources. Through Officer McGruff, NYPD has managed to reach-out to its people regarding its programs, especially in informing them about specific and significant issues that are presently in operation and occurrence in New York.

Officers disguised as potential victims walk the streets. Several studies raise questions about the value of investigations in apprehending offenders.

The programs that have been classified as effective to the department and New Yorkers are those projects and programs under the umbrella of Crime Prevention Section.

Police crackdowns on drugs have produced mixed results. Proactive police operations focus on the concentration of crime in certain offenders, places, and victims. The Bike Registration program is also an effective way to prevent bike theft by providing an ID on the said object, making it easier for tracking of the rue owner of the bicycle, and to discourage thieves from stealing registered bikes in the area of New York.

Uniformed police patrolled the streets to prevent crime, to interrupt crimes in progress, and to apprehend criminals. In the San Diego Field Interrogation Study, officers frequently stopped and asked people what they were doing.

When a mugger attacks one of these decoys, plainclothes surveillance officers who are dressed to blend in to the area intervene and arrest the mugger. These sub-programs have been formulated and implemented in order to deal with less major offenses, such as theft and physical assault that happens almost everyday in New York.View this term paper on Police Strategies.

For the past decade the prevalence of deaths caused by crimes and other crime-related activities in the society has. - This essay discusses the effects of the police organizational culture on a Police officer’s ability to make independent decisions.

Every culture is composed of four elements: “values, norms, beliefs, and expressive symbols” (Peterson,p. ). Each police officer is influenced by the police organizational culture during training. A role is a position and the expectations that position involves.

A function is the actions and tasks involved with a role. There are many d. (Photius Coutsoukis, ) This essay will outline the majority of problems that the elderly have and will describe how I working as a police officer would overcome these barriers by applying effective communications strategies.

The topic I chose to research about is which police strategy/tactic is most effective in reducing crime and disorder. There are various forms of policing such as community-oriented policing, problem-oriented policing, hot spots policing, broken windows theory, and zero-tolerance policing.

Police Strategies Uniformed police patrolled the streets to prevent crime, to interrupt crimes in progress, and to apprehend criminals. Whatever crimes patrol officers did not prevent, detectives attempted to solve by questioning suspects, victims, and witnesses.

Police strategies essay
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