Religiously confused

They want preachers to justify their sins. Is it impossible to understand? Thoughts on living in a strongly Catholic country will follow another day……….

Does Jesus approve of it, or does He seek religious unity? Perhaps a nice slice of fruit cake. C CopyrightDavid E.

Religiously confused

Anyway, more on that later perhaps. In this study we want to consider why there is so much confusion, disagreement, and division. This material is available if you wish to purchase it in printed form. But men have no right to make religious laws Matt. They are all independent, each with its own primate and governing structure although they all to join the club have to accept the Archbishop of Canterbury as their spiritual head and focus of unity.

How could they do so if we cannot understand them? But how can an all-wise, all-powerful God fail?

Religiously Confused

Ignorance causes confusion and division. They may have believed a certain way for years, so they refuse to consider evidence for other views and they reject the truth. We must look elsewhere for the real causes of the problem.

It Religiously confused not need prayer, or churches, or priests, or anything whatsoever associated with organised religion of any brand. We can truly be made free from sin only if we know the truth - John 8: Please see the links below for a list of other related topics. In the end, not Religiously confused at Easter or Christmas.

Creed books, church laws, and traditions Most denominations have man-made rules that the denomination follows. If "all the churches are following Jesus," why are they divided? Bethlehem, an Arab town, was in fact closed to visitors at the time but the guy I was with was well connected with the Israeli military and was able to get us through the blockade for a while.

If we cannot understand the message, then God has failed. Where does the Church of England stand anyway in the ranks of global religions? We have articles about Bible study and knowledge, denominationalism, man-made creeds, and human authority, etc.

What shocked me at the time, naive as I was, was that my religion Church of England, Anglican was not represented at this ground zero of holy sites. The need to find a way, any way, to make things better or, at the very least, to know that you are not alone.Nov 27,  · Religion has always fascinated me.

While sitting, standing, sitting, standing, sitting, standing, kneeling, sitting, standing, kneeling, sitting and standing through a very Catholic service at the weekend (associated with babcia's death), I got to wondering where I personally stood (sat or knelt) these days with regards to.

Jun 18,  · explain to me why your religion or no religion is the right May 01,  · We all agree that there is only one God? Most religions, if not all, will say yes?, I'm assuming. God has no religion.

Causes of Religious Confusion, Division, and Disagreement

All agree I'm sure?. So what is. Jan 15,  · Religiously confused? ok, so i grew up christian. but haven't been to church since i was 11 because i'm against organized religion (i was definitely never atheist, i just don't believe putting your ideals on someone else and saying that it's Gods word, and you Status: Resolved.

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When people are religiously divided, it is not because God's word is unavailable to us today. B. Not Because the Bible Contains Errors or Contradictions The Corinthians were divided and confused. Was this because Jesus contradicted Himself and led them into confusion? .

Religiously confused
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