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Surgical interventions may be appropriate for symptomatic presacral lesions.

Theatrical and medical practice are found to converge in their approaches to the regulation of blood as a source of identity and truth; medieval civic life intersects with seventeenth-century science and philosophy; the concepts of class, race, gender, and sexuality find in the language of blood as many mechanisms for differentiation as for homogeneity; and fields as disparate as pedagogical theory, alchemy, phlebotomy, wet-nursing, and wine production emerge as historically and intellectually analogous.

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Blood Matters explores blood as a distinct category of inquiry and draws together scholars who might not otherwise be in conversation. This review provides a systematic description of this rare disease, which may be helpful in guiding the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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To guide appropriate diagnosis and treatment, we reviewed causes, clinical presentations, radiologic features, and management options of this extremely rare lesion. Further studies are needed to clarify the nature of this link. I was able to manage my time properly.

Initially, the patient was treated with an antipsychotic, with partial effectiveness. September 16th, Author: Previous article in issue. EPV38 — e-Poster Conclusion In clinical practice, a mood disorder must systematically be searched for and treated in a patient with erotomanic delusions.

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Myelography and magnetic resonance imaging are considered useful diagnostic techniques. Volume 30, Supplement 128—31 MarchPage Article: However, some authors tend to consider this syndrome as related to other psychiatric disorders.

Objectives To describe the case of a female patient with erotomanic delusion with no remission under an antipsychotic and to review the links between erotomania and other psychiatric disorders.

Conclusions Although extremely rare, presacral Tarlov cysts should be suspected in patients with abdominal pain, especially when pain occurs along with other neurologic symptoms. After reviewing the literature, we found that erotomanic symptoms frequently appear secondarily in other psychiatric disorders.

Eleanor Decamp is author of Civic and Medical Worlds: Numerous theories may explain the link between erotomania and mood disorder: In fact, it appeared that the conviction of being loved began while she was depressed. Several publications indicate a frequent association between erotomania and mood disorder, especially major depression and bipolar affective disorder, and describe the efficacy of antidepressant and mood stabilizers.

What is the expected tone of the expository essay. Limosinc Show more https: Seven patients described in 7 publications met the inclusion criteria and were analyzed in conjunction with 3 new patients described by our team.

The course helped me become more disciplined through problem-solving and exam sessions. Two patients who received conservative treatment continued to experience their presenting symptoms, whereas 7 patients who underwent surgical treatment experienced favorable outcomes.

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Figurative uses of "blood" are even more difficult to pin down.

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The unusual location of a presacral Tarlov cyst can lead to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.Scout Publishing LLC is an independent publishing house dedicated to LGBTQ books and literature that explores gender, sexuality, and diverse identities.

Scout Publishing LLC is an independent publishing house dedicated to LGBTQ books and literature that explores gender, sexuality, and diverse identities. Shopping Cart. Shopping Cart. The Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

Learn more. M. osloensis was first described by Bövre in and has been isolated in various environments, including hospitals. In the pediatric population, there have been 13 case reports of infection attributed to M.

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Neuropsychology Review is devoted to integrative review papers in all aspects of neuroscience contributing to a mechanistic understanding of human neuropsychology in normal and clinical populations. Methods: Literature review and a case report Results: We report the case of a 32 year-old epileptic woman, hospitalized for a delusional erotomanic disorder.

Initially, the patient was treated with an antipsychotic, with partial effectiveness.

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