State distinguished from government

Mission to State distinguished from government Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Only Foreign Service National drivers employed full-time in a driving skillcode are eligible for this award.

Approved nominations will be forwarded through the appropriate area awards committee to the Department Awards Committee for final action. Due to the nature of their jobs and the dangerous environment where they often operate, Foreign Service Special Agents of the Diplomatic Security Service have earned this award on numerous occasions.

The bronze medal set is no longer awarded. The award consists of a sterling silver medal set and a certificate signed by the Secretary. The award is made possible by the generosity of Sue M. Employees who have driven one or more years without a preventable accident and whose performance is otherwise highly satisfactory and who meet standards and decisions of the National Safety Council regarding preventable and non-preventable accidents are eligible for consideration.

Ambassador to the U. It is granted annually to one Civil Service Secretary whose performance is judged by a selection committee to exemplify most clearly these high standards.

Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service [ edit ] Ribbon of the Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service The Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service "recognizes those individuals who, while traveling or serving abroad on official business, are killed or incur a serious illness or injury that results in death, permanent incapacity or disability.

Nominations initiated in Washington are submitted through the appropriate area awards committee to the Department Awards Committee for final action.

Cobb, is presented to career members of the Foreign Service serving in an ambassadorial appointment for noteworthy success in developing trade between other nations and the United States.

2017 Results - Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

It will also be noted in the official performance files for career Foreign Service and Civil Service employees. The award is personally authorized by the Secretary of State provided that one of the criteria eligibility in Foreign Affairs Manual is met.

The winner of the award receives a plaque presented during the commencement exercises at the Fletcher School, Tufts University. Transformational Diplomacy objectives in one or more of the areas specified above. Award for Excellence in Labor Diplomacy[ edit ] The award recognizes Civil and Foreign Service personnel who emphasize the importance of labor diplomacy in promoting the values and ideals of American democracy abroad and illustrate the variety of tasks Labor Officers perform.

Innovation in the Use of Technology Award[ edit ] This award is presented to an exceptional employee in the Foreign Service or the Civil Service serving domestically or abroad except those with specific job responsibilities for the management, development, implementation, or support of computer technology.

Nominations for the Award for Heroism are submitted through supervisory channels to the Joint Country Awards Committee for review and recommendation to the chief of mission. The award consists of a medal set and a certificate signed by the Secretary.

The award recognizes those who excel in the most challenging leadership positions overseas. It may be presented to members of the foreign affairs communities.

Ambassador to Singapore, Steven J. The award consists of a certificate signed by the approving official, usually a supervisor or someone of higher rank, and may include a cash award. Special effectiveness in bridging national differences which enhanced the introduction of American staff members into professional, cultural, or personal relationships with host country nationals and contributed to effective representation.

The following criteria are applicable to granting a Superior Honor Award: Integrity of character and adherence to firm standards of truth and principle; Outstanding performance and good judgment under stressful conditions; and Creative use of communications skills with foreign audiences.

Award for Heroism [ edit ] Ribbon of the Award for Heroism The Award for Heroism is given "recognition of acts of courage or outstanding performance under unusually difficult or dangerous circumstances, whether or not in connection with the performance of assigned duties.

The award consists of a gold medal set and a certificate signed by the Secretary and the President. Such achievementsmust be of notable national or international significance and have made an important contribution to the advancement of U. The impact of the act or deed which precipitates the nomination is carefully examined, and consideration is given to whether the act to be recognized benefits the post or bureau, the area, the Department of State, or the Federal Government as a whole.

Awards of the United States Department of State

Murrow Award for Excellence in Public Diplomacy[ edit ] This award recognizes significant contributions in the field of public diplomacy and the special qualities that reflect the integrity, courage, sensitivity, vision, and dedication to excellence that were so highly exemplified in the life of Edward R.

The James Clement Dunn Award for Excellence recognizes leadership, intellectual skills, managerial ability, and personal qualities that most fully exemplify the standards of excellence desired of officers at the mid-career level.

Linguist of the Year Award[ edit ] This award is presented to a member of the Foreign Service who demonstrates unusual mastery of a world or difficult language while studying at the Foreign Service Institute.

The Expeditionary Service Award will include a citation signed by the Secretary, as well as an engraved medal or pin. Watson Award for Consular Excellence[ edit ] This award is made in recognition of outstanding contributions to consular operations.

Hunt Award for Management Excellence[ edit ] This award is given to a Department of State officer serving in a management position who has made notable contributions to the efficiency and quality of services at post.

Those who have served previously will receive their awards once their service records are verified. In accordance with 3 FAM GFOA congratulates the 1, governments awarded the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the fiscal year beginning (through June 30, ).

The United States Department of State, like other agencies of the U.S. federal government, gives civilian decorations for outstanding service, sacrifice, or heroism. The criteria for the awards are set down in 3 FAM - Foreign Affairs Manual, 3 FAM - Personnel, section 3 FAM Department Awards Program.

State Department .

State distinguished from government
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