Strayer phi 210 quiz 1

Determine the primary ways in which statistics or authority are used in your current position in developing persuasive arguments, and provide examples of such use.

Which of the following is used to determine source credibility? Determine whether or not the argument uses any deceptive statistics. Part II — Writing Write at three to four page paper in which you: In Part II of the assignment due Week 4you will write a paper to synthesize your ideas.

What should Juan do to combat his emotions so he can think critically about his beliefs? State your position on the selected topic. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Meghan is studying alternative medicine. Consider the following argument: Use the Internet to search an example of an enthymeme in the media e.

If you believe that they can, explain certain steps that individuals can take to improve this skill. Did the advertisers use the fallacy effectively? Follow the instructions below for this prewriting activity.

A geologist has been studying a particular type of rock for almost 25 years. Examine key reasons why people might seem attracted to pseudoscience-type claims. There are many arguments for the elimination or modification of current U. Use technology and information resources to research issues in critical thinking skills and informal logic.

It is maintaining these prisoners at great expense in an environment where they are unlikely to develop a socially constructive attitude.

In what sense or under what conditions might this idea be true? The Straw Man fallacy is characterized by: Which of the following questions should help her to determine the perspective of a particular website?

Describe at least two 2 such claims that you have heard people make, and analyze the main reasons why such claims do or do not meet rigorous scientific methodology standards.

Which of the following statements makes the process of thinking MOST visible? First time drug offenders serve, on average, a sentence three months longer than kidnappers, nine months longer than burglars, and thirty-three months longer than sex abusers.

Determine the biases you experienced as you examined the reasons for and against your position. In Part II of the assignment due Week 4you will write an essay geared towards synthesizing your ideas.


Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Juan felt personally attacked during this talk. What would I notice if I believed this view?Home Essays Strayer Phi Quiz #1 Strayer Phi Quiz #1 Topics: Syllogism, Logic, Deductive reasoning Pages: 5 ( words) Published: May 19, View Notes - Quiz 1 from PHI at Strayer University.

Course Test Started Submitted Status Attempt Score Time Elapsed Instructions Critical Thinking Week 5 Quiz 5/11/13 PM 5/11/13 %(7). Search this site.


Home; Services; Sitemap; Home. STRAYER | PHI – Critical Thinking Course Description Develops ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate reasoning in everyday discourse. Examines the. PHI EXAM 1 (SPRING ) STRAYER. Aaron is choosing his classes for the upcoming college semester and making sure they align with his future career plans.

Which BEST describes the habit of critical thinking he is practicing? PHI Week 6 Quiz 5. Read this essay on Phi Quiz 3. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

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Strayer phi 210 quiz 1
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