Swallowing stones

Jenna starts to loose interest in Swallowing stones and is trying to be more social. Chapter 24 and 25 Jenna returns home and tells her mother it was all her fault.

Chapter 10 and 11 Michael retakes his drivers test and passes. The next day Swallowing stones goes over to Amy Swallowing stones the pool to thank her for the letter, Amy tells her that the pain never stops for her and the hardest part for her was the guilt.

Discuss why Michael is so intrigued by Amy. When Michael arrives home the police are Swallowing stones his yard with metal detectors. Discuss what stones he must swallow in the future. Michael waits for her to wake to tell her the truth.

How does his trip to the ghost tree take courage? Acceptance — Acceptance is when you finally acknowledge that the person is actually gone and not coming back and that nothing can or could have been done about that.

Chapter 18 and 19 Michael meets Joe to talk about Swallowing stones is going on with the police and Joe reassures Michael that he has nothing to worry about because with no murder weapon they have no case.

Jenna tells Jason about her anxiety attacks when she is around him. Anger — Anger is when you get mad that the person is gone. Michael feels that they forgot something that will lead the police right to him. Jenna meets her dad at the ghost tree.

Jenna has her first panic attack with Jason at the movie and finds herself hyperventilating in the rest room with Amy. Amy and Michael hang out more and get closer Darcy looses her trust in Michael. Jenna meets Michael in her dreams under the ghost tree Chapter 16 and 17 Michael thinks that Charlie would approve of him weeding the gardens, and cleaning the gutters.

Near the same place and time Michael had previously shot. Why is she so frightened by him? Cite evidence that Mr. MacKenzie might suspect that his son is involved in the shooting accident. Discuss the variables in the various relationships in the novel.

Why has she kept this secret? Michael takes his test and when it comes to the parallel parking he walks out on it. Amy also tells Jenna Joe did not kill Charlie.

Joe talks Michael into not telling anyone including the police.

Michael told them it was most likely someone at the party. Depression — Depression is when you finally get really upset, put down, and just want to be alone. Darcy sees Michael at the pool and breaks up with him.

Chapter 8 and 9 Jenna could only think of her fathers killer as a murderer, a cold blooded killer. How might his actions be considered a form of stalking? Jenna tells Andrea that when she goes to court and the jury finds the killer guilty she is going to ask why he killed her, her father, and her mother because that is what he did.

When he is running he spots Amy at the seven eleven and explains to her that darcy was getting revenge and that it was not true. What does Amy teach Jenna about grief? Role-play a scene where Michael confesses the shooting to his father.

Blame in Swallowing Stones is switched with depression. Plot — Chapter 1 and 2 Michael got a new Winchester Rifle for his seventeenth birthday from his grandfather, to celebrate he aimlessly fires a shot into the sky the following day, the fourth of July.

Jenna, in this case, blames herself for her fathers death because when her dad was shot on the roof Meredith was telling her to go get her father for lunch and she refused because of talking on the phone with Jason.pp.

Swallowing Stones Michael had learned a lot about Amy and her family during those weeks. He learned that her mother and father had died in a car accident when Amy was only seven, that Amy had been in the car but had survived, although she had a broken leg and fractured ribs.

Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald is a suspenseful book about a tragic accident that set off a chain of events that would change the small town of Briarwood forever.

Michael Mackenzie fired off. Discuss what stones he must swallow in the future.

Swallowing Stones

What lessons can teenagers learn from Michael’s unfortunate experiences? Prepared by Pat Scales, Director of Library Services, the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, Greenville.4/5(7).

Swallowing Stones. Setting- Throughout Swallowing Stones there are many different settings. The whole novel takes place in the summer in Briarwood, New Jersey, United States of mint-body.com important and/or main settings are.

The dragonflies are like the bullet to Mr. Ward they come so close to hitting but don't and in his case the bullet did. 2) Jenna's nightmare(pg)- The vines would represent her wanting to have emotions about her fathers death.

The ghost tree represents her father and the death. 3)Swallowing Stone. Swallowing stones was recommended to me, and now I am recommending it to you. I encourage teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen years old who are looking for a quick interesting story to read to read Swallowing Stones/5(35).

Swallowing stones
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