The simple joys of reading

A pass along from my mom who knew I had badly been wanting to read Little Fires Everywhere. And even if you do inadvertently walk through a spider web with your face while taking the dog out, your coffee really does taste amazing this morning… I had nearly forgotten that I used to religiously read in bed each night.

I forgot what a peaceful end to the day it is. Joy of all joys! He sleeps so much better with room to roll over and sleep on his belly or side if he wants to. Then, this weekend, Mike came in with the mail and handed me a rumpled manila envelope with my name on it.

It was time to move him over to his crib though. I loved hearing him breathe in and out, even as a metronome, and being right there next to him to nurse him through the night when he stirred.

And so my chapter a night habit took an almost six month hiatus because of the baby slumbering next to our bed each night.

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I loved having Charlie in our room, tucked in his little bassinet. It was as natural to me as breathing. I simply could not happily fall asleep unless I read a chapter before bed.

Its a simple joy to have — getting to read in bed. But I was happier and would go to sleep with ease if I read a chapter of my book while settling in for the night.

But our nights are starting to feel a little more like they did before we had Charlie. There are, of course, some nights that are exceptions. We have a routine down. But just a little jolt. Tucked inside the package was a book.

The Simple Joys of Reading Essay

Having a light on in the bedroom at night seems like such a luxury! Or even better, tucked in between us in bed.

simple joys: reading in bed

Well, the valid explanation is that Mike and I welcomed a baby into our life who upended everything about our nights. I was torn over wanting him to continue waking up through the night to show that he still needed me, and wanting him to sleep well so that he could get the sleep he needed.

How does one forget that they used to do something religiously for 29 years of their life?In the spirit of celebrating life's simple joys, you'll find a new series here every now and then.

Every day, we are left with the vast responsibility The simple joys of reading our feelings - both good and bad, positive and negative. I'm hoping this series will help bring focus to the small, simple things that bring joy and happiness to.

Living a life full of simple joys takes practice, and in that light, I was particularly delighted to see Barry's epilogue, in which he recaps the 7 lessons and grades himself on the progress he had made in carrying them out while writing this book.

But reading this book--while giving me the biggest laughs I've had in a long time--has also /5(7). At NYPL, we love to read. Why? you ask. Let us count the ways. Here are 13 quotes about the joy of reading that sum up how we feel about our favorite activity. Debbie is the blogger behind Simple Joys of Home.

She is mom to two beautiful girls, enjoys natural living, real food and sharing the gift of wellness with others, is a romantic comedy lover and homemaker taking pleasure in the simple joys of home and life.

The Simple Joys of Reading. What happens when a person is bored and restless? - The Simple Joys of Reading introduction?? Maybe he would like to go to a cinema and kill a couple of hours watching a movie.

Simple Joys: Discovering Wonder in the Everyday [Candace Payne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Laughter that makes your stomach hurt, the perfect cup of coffee, a few moments alone with your Bible - these are moments of joy to be found on even the most difficult days.

When you know you can trust God no matter what.

The simple joys of reading
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